Invest in The Exocivilian Project

Remember at the end of last month that I found an organization that wants our input?  They finally launched their campaign to raise funds.  They are working through Indiegogo.

It’s called The Exocivilian Project.

The objective “of the Exocivilian Project is to make the most scientifically accurate and awe-inspiring film about space exploration ever made with an intention to revive the spirit of exploration and accelerate its advancement. The story will be a collaborative effort of well-known film writers, actors and directors as well as world-renowned scientists. This panel of brains will be working from ideas and concepts submitted by the public.” ~Indiegogo

It looks like Vaibhav Bundhoo, the campaign Creator, has also created all of the ‘rewards’ for contributors in the form of music and pictures.

And he’s doing all of this to get the ball rolling…

“The plan is to first of all make a highly-functional website where members of the public, scientists and filmmakers can come together to submit their ideas/ storylines. Anything that’s been submitted can be built upon and it can be “liked” by everyone else. While the ideas are being developed, we’ll carry out a preliminary online marketing campaign to extend our support base. We will also hire the help of a professional public relations firm to coincide its efforts with those of the public to reach out to the personalities we want to get involved. 

In the meantime, the storylines and ideas will be evolving on the website. The submissions with the most “likes” will be compiled to be reviewed by the panel of scientists and film writers I was telling you about. This should happen by the end of June 2013. By then, we will ideally have created enough buzz about the project to start getting attention from the media and traditional sponsorship bodies. If not, we raise the funds to make the film ourselves.
“You will be able to follow the entire process via regular updates and weekly videos.” ~Ibid.

The best part of all of this for Everyday Spacers is that we can get a piece of the action in more than one way.

We can contribute our ideas for stories.  We can contribute our money.  Either one or both.

Which would work for you?

Go to the Indiegogo campaign page soon though; it won’t last forever!

*Internet access, story ideas, have surplus in cash
*Seems any age may contribute
*There may be a cost if you contribute money, story ideas are also requested


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