Offer Them Input

Well Duh!

I actually found this awhile back.  This is the first time I’ve taken a good look at it though.

They want our input.

Seems this only exists on a Facebook page at the moment.

Founded August 2012, apparently, this is ambitious!

“An incredibly ambitious project to make the most scientifically accurate big budget space film ever made to revive and accelerate the advancement of space exploration. The film will be conceived, developed and made by world-renowned scientists, A-list film personalities and the public.” ~The Exocivilian Project

There’s already a lot to see on their Page.  And there are a lot of nice people leaving comments.

You gotta take a look at this project.  Like the page if you do.  Get involved if you wish.  I’d like to see this happen, wouldn’t you?  Looks like a Kickstarter campaign is in the works maybe.

More on their Facebook Page:  The Exocivilian Project

*Anyone can go there
*Seems open to any age
*No cost as of yet


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