It’s All About Action!

In many ways, our modern life (well, in the USA and some other ‘western’ cultures) expects us to be, primarily, spectators, even of our own lives.  Look at all the books/reality shows that sell about the rich & famous.

We watch a lot of TV.  We get on our computers even more now, though that’s kind of a mixed bag.  We still spend an inordinate amount of time working for someone else, watching other people get rich, do things while we ‘veg out’ on the couch.

Our kids have stopped playing outdoors and we are trapped in cubicles.

How much do we miss by being so boxed in?

Even ‘portable’ computers can keep us trapped in one spot.  Maybe they can be a bridge though.  We actually engage our brains a bit more now, if not our bodies.  Perhaps ‘wearables’ will take us further down the path back to an active life, which is generally better for us in many ways.

Everyday Spacer wants to help you find easy, economical, safe and fun ways to spend your time and participate as far as you’d like in the spacer environment.

There are over 100 different ways to hook into this community and many, many ways to effect each one.  We’ve added some over the past few months and there are many more out there.  This isn’t a crutch, rather a crow bar.  We don’t want to do all the work for you.  We want to reveal hidden gems that you can determine which ways to pursue your interests.

This blog is just one way of being in this interesting world of space travel.  We want to figure out how to travel off world.  Sometimes that takes us away from the writing.  sometimes that is all about blogging like being at the NASA Social event in February.

Around here, it’s all about action.

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