Mock Up Missions

After thinking about all of the things that you can do to prepare yourself for travel off world, it occurs to me that, just as a fire drill will train a group of people to exit a building in an orderly manner, a mock up mission may be useful to spacers.

There’s already a version of this at the Space Camps and Adult Space Camp.

I’m thinking about gatherings locally, with your spacer buddies.  Recreating parts of actual events, imagined scenarios or sci fi stories you’ve read.

Just the preparation  for the mock up mission would be an amazing learning experience!

We already have meetup groups for practically everything out there.  Why not get a group of buddies to take on a ‘drill’ of a Star Trek show or something?  You could even fix the science if you want.  You already have ‘communicators’ (cell phones) similar to the devices we saw on the shows and Tricorders are coming!

How about filming the action?  You could upload your video to YouTube and see what happens.  Heck, get enough traffic and you could monetize this, fund more drills and other things.

When the time comes, why not be as prepared for the real thing as you possibly can be?

*You can ‘mock up a mission’ wherever you are!
*Any age
*There may be a cost involved if you get elaborate


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