Visit APOD – Astronomy Picture of the Day

Just for fun, you might want to visit Visit APOD – Astronomy Picture of the Day when you need quick a dose of space or a little break from your routine.

There are some marvelous pictures there of all sorts of space views including launches, starscapes from Earth, HST (Hubble Space Telescope), of eclipses and interesting atmospheric phenomenon.

It’s pretty simple, just cick on the link to APOD, browse around and see what you can see!

I just found out:

“The APOD pages are collected annually on a CD-ROM, which is distributed free of charge to educators and the general public.”

I sent an email this morning and asked how to do that and since it’s Sunday, I probably won’t get a reply until sometime this week.  When I know more, I’ll write a follow up post with the directions on how you can get one too if you’d like!

Enjoy the beauty and inspiration in space pictures on APOD – Astronomy Picture of the Day.

*This is a Kid Friendly Activity
*Any Age
*Internet Access – No Additional Cost

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